(Posponed untill Nov, 2021)

As those of you who have been keeping in touch with our Reunion agenda will know, the long awaited celebration of the arrival in Van Diemen’s Land of John Headlam and his family on 27th November 1820 has been postponed until Nov 2021.

Many of you have paid for the book “The Legacy of John Headlam of Egleston, Macquarie River, Tasmania” and will no doubt be anticipating the previously promised arrival of the book by our reunion date this year.

Unfortunately the coronavirus has caused the postponement of the reunion and partially contributed to the delay in publication of the book. I write to inform you that the written, proof read, edited, second drafting of the “Flipbook” is now back with the editor awaiting the final draft before indexing can occur, then printing and distribution.

I can assure you that the five years since the author, Carol Bacon, was commissioned to research and write “The Legacy of John Headlam” has resulted in, what will be a magnificent production, but additions, corrections, and finalising the book has taken much more time than I could imagine and it now is obviously not yet available to be launched on 27th November 2020. For this I apologise.

However John Headlam made a very good choice of place to immigrate to, despite the coronavirus and the impact on the whole world, Tasmania still remains one of the most productive, beautiful and coronavirus free places for us to be. Let us not let the disappointments of the delay in celebrating his (and our) good fortune in this year and look forward to the GRAND REUNION to be held in a non- affected Tasmania in 2021.

Peter Headlam. (Convener).

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As we are postponing not cancelling the Bicentennial event, those participants, who wish, may just transfer your current registration directly to the 2021 event. Some of the event details may differ slightly, however changes and updates will be available, as they happen, on the Headlam family Website. 

The committee would appreciate, if possible, you leaving some or all of your prepayments with us, so we can continue with our planning and booking arrangements for 2021. Your account will remain with your present balance for the 2021 event. 

It is felt by the committee that, in order to recognise the significant date of 27thNovember 1820 in the bicentenary year 2020, the published book The Legacy of John Headlam be launched in November .

It is proposed to be high quality, hard bound, 370 pages filled with stories and details of the early lives of John Headlam and the subsequent 5 generations of the  Headlam family in Tasmania (and beyond).

You can see more details, and order your copy of the book ($70.00) through the website, click here.

There will be a postage charge of $15, if you would like it delivered.. 

We will need to order the printing of the books by July, so if you would like a copy please order/pay ASAP.

Books should be available, for collection or delivery, in November.  

If looking for something to do during self-isolation and beyond, we’d love you to fill in your details and add your comments to the Headlam Family tree, click here, or on Genealogy on the menu.

To contribute, please register, so you can add all your own family details.

While a disappointing setback, we will look forward to seeing you all in November 2021, until then take care. 

Peter J Headlam (Convenor).
PH: 0419 56 0143
eMail: pjheadlam@outlook.com