Explanation that we require full individual family details from Generation 3.

Details already correct for Generations 1, and 2

For example:-

John Headlam b. 24/12/1775 being generation 1,
2.6 Charles Headlam b.22 Nov 1816 being the sixth born is generation 2.6,

Details required from you with details and comments for your following generations…..

3.1 Anthony Headlam b.10/06/1843 – Generation 3, First Born
4.2 Percival Charles Headlam b.15/01/1872 – Generation 4, Second Born
5.6 Maurice Noel Headlam b.24/12/1914 – Generation 5, Sixth Born
6.2 Peter James Headlam – Generation 6, Second Born
7.1 Rebecca Headlam – Generation 7, First Born
8.3 Tessa H Scott – Generation 8, Third  Born

PLEASE Refer to Maurice Headlam Family Tree (click on link for image) for details of example of generational numbering and details required and comments, which can be added for generations 3 to 9+

Forms can be found on the FORMS, page.